The ‘T’ about me

Someone once told me “A wise man once said nothing”, unfortunately for you guys I am not that wise man. This is the first instalment of my so called blog posts on a variety of subjects I feel I have a valid reason to talk about.

Just as a little introduction if any of you guys don’t know me in real life, my name is Dean and I am a structural engineer in Gloucester. You may think what interesting things has a structural engineer living in the middle of nowhere got to say? And I can tell you that probably absolutely nothing interesting comes out of my mouth. They say quality over quantity, but I say mass and sass over significance and class.

I have always had an interest in fashion and have been experimental in what I wear. It wasn’t until recently, where I have pushed the boundaries in my clothing dipping into other styles such as androgynous outfits.

I have started to make my own clothes with the midi sewing machine from Hobbycraft which was only £40. This bargain has allowed me to develop my style without having to conform to the standard clothing that is available elsewhere. There have been plenty of times where I think of an idea or see an item of clothing which gives me inspiration, but I am not able to find what I want anywhere even after hours of searching Google or Instagram.

In my upcoming blog posts, I will discuss the different projects I have been working on with some awkward pictures of me looking into the distance or adjusting my outfit, basically anything that prevents me having to look into the camera and you guys seeing the anxiety in my eyes.

Furthermore, I do love me a good holiday, so I will probably talk about the different places I have been to in and outside of the UK. Touching on my favourite spots I have visited hopefully with photos accompanying them, although I am a few vinos down most of the time so don’t bet on it. This year I have been to Rome, Venice and Berlin outside of the UK and I am currently on the flight to Naples as I am writing this thought-provoking piece. I tend to travel a lot around the UK visiting a lot of university friends, my favourite places being Manchester and London, but usually being too hungover the next day to go to brunch doesn’t really make exciting blog posts.

As you can tell I am not one with words (hence why I went into a career in engineering). However, I feel that you guys will be able to follow and my short and sweet blog posts and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to use sentences to a GCSE level standard for me to understand.

Peace, Love and Pinot

Deano xoxo