The creation of my most extra outfits

Hey sweets, just here checking in again. Recently I have been struggling with a mental block when it comes to designing garments, not too sure whether this was due to the Christmas period being a complete whirlwind, or whether I’ve just lost my touch. This post is going to be looking back at my favourite creations in a hope that this will spark up my inspiration again.


The first garment is the latex and denim outfit that I created for Polyglamorous in Brighton, a new queer club night at Pop Vault. If you ever get a chance to go, please do as it was incredible, from what I remember. This is the look which will probably pop back up on my Instagram for the next 10 years, it comprised of blue latex shorts along with a blue latex and elastic top/harness?? Don’t really know what to call that… fabulous, we’ll go with that. Also paired with this because latex obviously wasn’t extra enough were some denim chaps with a denim jacket (as it was December hunnies).



To be honest, I did not make this outfit from scratch. I bought some blue latex trousers and a pair of jeans. However, what I did was alter the trousers into shorts and sewed the white edging onto them. The same for the chaps, I bought a cheap pair of jeans from Primark, and went to town with the scissors. I first cut out the shape that I wanted for the chaps and used the white edging to neaten up the edges. The top was made out of the material that I cut off the latex trousers and some white elastic, it wasn’t my best idea as the cut of the trousers did not match the cut of my arms… obvs, so a bit of altering was required.



The second garment I’ll be looking at is the fabulous rainbow fringe denim jacket that I created for Manchester Pride. Unfortunately due to a series of unfortunate events, I was not able to showcase this outside my friend’s flat, however I do plan to wear it when I go to see the Spice Girls later on this year. Now, this garment is probably one of my favourites to date. I bought as white denim jacket, white denim jeans and a ridiculous amount of ribbon from Hobbycraft. To start, I used the material from the white denim jeans to create a base layer for the fringe. I then cut the ribbon for the fringe, making 3 layers of different lengths. The ribbon was then sewed onto the white denim fringe, with the excess denim at the top to fold over and the top and create the finished edge.



After all the fringe was made, I then sewed this onto the jacket by hand, as using a machine to sew up a sleeve is near impossible (if anyone knows of any hints or tricks hit me up tysm). Once all the fringe was on the jacket, I was bouncing around so pleased with the outcome. I then added the rhinestones on the jacket just to give the front a bit of colour and to make the lines pop. ALSO can we pls appreciate how tanned I am in the images above?!



The final garment I will showboat on this blog post is my American Football Pads which I slightly altered. This look was also for Manchester Pride, and I honestly don’t know how I’m going to top these outfits this year, well tbh it’s very rare that I top anything (open to interpretation). This garment literally is what Ariana Grande was talking about in thank u, next. Because it taught me love, patience and pain. I think this took me about 60 hours to make altogether. Individually rhinestoning it all made me feel like my eyes were bleeding. I bought the pads from ebay, I bet the seller would be horrified if they knew what I did to them. The hot glue gun was from Hobbycraft and the fuck load of silver rhinestones were from The Range. I decided to add a bit of volume to the pads cause yanno, they weren’t big enough as they were, by gluing the floral decorations from The Range onto the shoulders of the pads.



The football pads did start to get a bit heavy towards the end of the night, or the alcohol started taking its toll. Either way I will just blame it on gravity rather than the stupid idea of adding an additional 10Kg to an already heavy garment. Anything for aesthetic, beauty is pain etc. I am now hoarding the pads in the bottom of my cupboard with no use for them whatsoever but I cannot bring myself to get rid of them.



So there is an insight of the work that i put into these extra AF outfits just for the gram. I’m sure there’s plenty of more productive ways I could be spending my time but it keeps me out of trouble, Brenda. TYSM. Hopefully I will have a light bulb moment and think of some fabulous garments to make soon. Not all hope is lost though, as I do have a number of outfits planed for upcoming events.


Peace, Love and Pinot…

Deano x

Sewing and just not knowing…

So, here it goes, my first official blog post. Within this post I will be talking about the different items of clothing that I have created touching on any hints or tips I came across whilst creating them. As mentioned before in my previous blog post (I sound like I’m sending a very passive aggressive email) I bought a midi multi-purpose sewing machine from Hobbycraft for only £40. It’s nothing too fancy but perfect for someone who is starting out using a sewing machine like me. There are no overly complicated features which would send an amateur into a confused panic, and the user guide helps with anything that you may not know.

I would like to also thank my friend Mat (@matski89) for buying me a sewing box and the Simple Tailoring & Alterations book by Francois-Campbell which has a load of simple hints and tricks when it comes to making your own clothes. All these components and a glass of Pinot Noir later, I finally started making my first outfit with the sewing machine, well maybe more than one glass. Okay, a bottle.


My first challenge with this top is trying to find a fabric store in Cheltenham or Gloucester. After trawling around both cities trying to find a shop which sells loads of fabric under one roof, hallelujah I managed to find one just a 5 minute walk from my work. I decided to go for a black velvety fabric as it caught my eye as I was looking around the shop. I decided to buy a tonne of it because apparently I thought I was making a garment for the BFG. I have since realised that I only really need to buy fabrics at the most, 2m at a time. 

The inspiration for this top came from Aquaria’s werkroom outfits from the episode Cher: The unauthorised Rusical from season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I instantly fell in love with the design of the crop top which clipped onto the trousers. After scouring the internet for what seemed like 3 decades, I gave up. Could not find it anywhere. Frustrating. Hence this led to me thinking, it can’t be that hard to make, all I need to do is find a simple pattern and there’s my starting block to create the garment. I already had some old braces which were broken which I could cut the buckles off to sew onto the crop top, what could possibly go wrong?

I started out using a simple t-shirt pattern that I found on Mood Fabrics which, by the way, perfect for starting out seamstresses and tailors. As well as selling fabrics they run a blog and the Sewciety allows for different people to share the patterns and sewing projects they have created, providing advice and tutorials on how to make the garments. After creating the t-shirt, it did require bringing in the seams as I prefer tighter clothes which are more tailored to my slender build. Once this was done I was able to cut out the straps at the bottom of the piece for the braces to attach to. I kept a rough effect on the vest for aesthetic purposes and I was really pleased with the end product.


Well this garment was not the easiest thing to make. Mainly due to the fact that I didn’t read at the beginning that a 50% stretch fabric should be used for the garment, so of course I chose a fabric with less give in it than a bottom on a Grindr hookup. So there was me cutting out all the patterns (also from the Mood Fabrics website) thinking that a size 10/12 would be perfect, not realising that without the stretch in the fabric, it was probably more suited to a 10/12 year old. 

This outfit required a lot of logistical thinking which my assistant (@matski89 on insta) helped with. There was a lot of “so where does this bit go?” and “now which way up is this?”. However, after many hours spent over the sewing machine, we managed to make it work. Well, so we thought. As mentioned above, when it came to trying it on I felt like on white chicks when he comes out of the dressing room, yanno the part where they’re like “just breathe”? Yeah let me tell you that that was me. But with a bit of artistic reconfiguring and blagging, I managed to turn the sleeves into lapels.

To finish this off I added a black trim to the edges of the garment and black stripes down the side with a zip to accommodate for that extra 50% that I had disregarded. Later on did I find that you can get pre made black edging which looks a lot neater than what I sewed, however this is a learning curve and I know now how to cheat.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this first post regarding my seamSTRESS skills and that I haven’t bored you with a short story on my first world struggles of sewing.

Peace, Love and Pinot

Deano xoxo